Join Us in Building the Future of Resource Management

«ӰҵAPP is the future of resource management for project-based businesses. We help companies plan, manage, and understand their people. We believe unifying organizational management will transform the way the people work.

This mission began over a decade ago. Over time, we saw countless firms encounter the same challenges:

  • Lack of visibility into their work
  • Stuck on spreadsheets
  • No easy way to schedule projects
  • No easy way to manage scope creep
  • No easy way to see real-time

Ultimately, we realized that outdated tech and ”free” spreadsheets are costing firms a lot of money — but we can fix that.

We’re changing the way people work by centralizing management so project and resource plans can be managed together as a team. This new level of visibility enables everyone to monitor work to stay engaged, prevent burnout, and ensure that everyone is focused on the highest priority work.

Join us in building the future of resource management. You have a voice here. We're listening, moving fast, and disrupting the status quo. It’s time to finally understand how much work you have, how much you can do, and if you need to hire.